Swedish: Vi får bara köra


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Hello I wonder what this phrase means in the following context. It is a line from a tv series. A gang has kidnapped a policeman's daughter. Her father has seized the foreign minister with the aim to exchange him for his daughter. He and his colleague have arrived at the place. The members of the gang are already waiting. The policeman says to his colleague: "Sju stycken. (=7 armed men) Vi får bara köra." His colleague replies: "AIK" (He is a fan of the club and "AIK" is his battle cry). Then the exchange begins but the two policemen start shooting, the first grabs his daughter, takes her to the car and leaves. The other policeman remains there and continues shooting.

Does the phrase mean something like: "We must not wait and fight." or "We must risk it." "We can only fight hard."
Thank you.
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