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What does the word "velputte" mean? I saw it in the sentence:
...men för Ove kan bara en komplett jädrans velputte tycka att förlorad kontroll är en eftersträvansvärd upplevelse.

I'm guessing from "komplett jädrans" before it that it's not exactly positive but I couldn't find a translation.

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  • Segorian

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    Velputte is a (mildly) derogatory word for someone who is indecisive, from vela, “to hesitate, be unable to choose”, and putte, normally a colloquial word for a small boy, but used as the second element of compound words describing adults. Another example is strulputte, “someone who is a lot of trouble because he tends to complicate things”.

    (Apart from this, Putte is a very common nickname for men and also exists as a given name.)