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Hello, I wanted to ask about some lines in a tv series. At the beginning a police chief (Ruda) is murdered. Two of his colleagues and close friends start investigating the murder. In episode 2 one of them gets the information that the other colleague had a phone conversation with the murdered man about 15 minutes before the murder. He asks him:
"A:Jag vet att han ringde dig. Ni pratade i två minuter. Vad ville han?
B: Han ville ha hjälp med att kolla några regskyltar.
A: Jaha, vad då för jävla regskyltar?
B: Plåtarna var falska. De gick till nån skrot i Tyresö."

Then in episode 8 the same policemen are being followed by a car and check its registration number.
"C: Jag skulle vilja ha en QP på en Rudolf Kryss David 788. RXD-788. Svart Mercedes. Kom. Tack för det. Slut, kom. Den är skrotad.
B: Vad fan, det är ju det där regnumret som Ruda ringde om på mordnatten."

So now it seems it was only one registration number the murdered policeman wanted to check. And it seems logical because it probably is the car he was shot from. I wonder about the plural in episode 2. Is it because the car has two number plates? I thought at first that he wanted to check more registration numbers. (In Czech we would talk about one number plate even if there are two).
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    Yes. As you guessed it’s normal to use the plural since there are two plates. There is only one number, however, so regskyltarna = regnumret.


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    Well, could it have been that in the beginning they suspected several cars, and then later in episode 8 they had narrowed it down to one? That would certainly explain why they used plural first and only singular later.