Swedish: prov


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A man drives in front of his daughter's school and says to his daughter:

HASSEL: Jag hade vägarna förbi och tänkte kolla läget. Ska vi hitta på nåt?
VIDA: Nu? Men jag har ju prov snart.
HASSEL: Prov? Vad då?

The girl is about 16 years old. Is "prov" a written or an oral test?
  • Parlons Suédois

    It could be either, but it almost certainly means written.

    I know that pre-announced oral tests happen in foreign languages, but the teachers struggle to fit them into their schedules, so I doubt that a religion teacher would take time off teaching for one-on-one test sessions with the students. It could be one of those situations where the teacher just fires off some questions to the class in general to see who answers them, but I doubt that would be called "prov".