Swedish: pris (declension)


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I am interested in the declension of the noun "pris". Actually it's about "Nobelpris", but I assume that they have the same endings.
According to this online dictionary there are these forms: pris, priset, pris, priser, prisen, priserna.
So I think:
pris -->Singular: obestämd form
priset --> Singular: bestämd form
pris -->?
priser --> ?

prisen --> ?
priserna --> Plural: bestämd form

What are the other three forms? I guess by the way that "priser" is Plural: obestämd form.
Thank you in advance!
  • Swedish Anna

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    pris -->
    Singular: obestämd form (Hon fick ett Nobelpris.)
    priset --> Singular: bestämd form (Hon fick Nobelpriset i kemi 1911.)
    pris -->Plural : bestämd form (Hon fick två Nobelpris.)
    priser -->
    Plural: obestämd form ( Hon var stolt över sina priser.)
    --> Plural: bestämd form (Nobelprisen delas ut i Stockholm.)
    priserna --> Plural: bestämd form (Priserna delas ut av kungen.)

    As you can see there are two plural forms: pris and priser. When you are talking about the Nobel Prize I suggest you use the zero plural pris (see the examples in bold type.)