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Good day fellas

So I was watching a movie when I came across the sentence:
Hon är singel nu. Hon är lite för snygg för Alex men hon lär vara desperat. Han kan göra ett kap.
I want to know what kap means here (or if "göra ett kap" is a phrase, then what that means). I sort of understand but I can't find an english translation. Found this thread on the flashback forums though.

tack för hjälpen :]
  • MattiasNYC

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    Hmmm... I'm not sure I think that captures everything.

    When I read all three sentences it seems that the situation is special, not just the girl. To me "a good catch" can be someone who is "good", meaning clearly above average, but I think in this case the emphasis is really that not only is this girl really good looking but her situation is such that Alex now has a unique opportunity. I'm not sure what an alternate translation would be though... yet...