Swedish: Han är på Mateo och toppar sig.


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Hello, I wanted to ask about this confusing phrase. It is a line in a tv series. Policemen come to look for a Serbian gang chief. As he probably received a warning, he is not in his flat in Skärholmen. Instead there is some family gathering going on. After having searched the flat one of them says:

Han är inte här.
A woman, probably his girlfriend says: Nej, han är på Mateo och toppar sig. Vad tror du?

The policeman then asks: Han visste att vi skulle komma?
Girlfriend: Klart han visste. Han har ju ögon och öron överallt.

In the following scene we see the gang chief at a children's playground with his accomplice, discussing some gang matters.

I wonder if it is some joke? The girlfriend clearly does not tell the truth. Could you, please help me?
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    A suggestion: If ”Mateo” is a place where you have your hair and bear cut the girlfriend suggests that there is where her friend has gone for the moment to have some facial/head/eye browes hair trimmed (låta sig toppas/toppa sig); maybe her intention is to cover up her friend, pretending he is a calm guy, not a gang member doing naughty affairs.
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    Hello, it could be hairdresser. As the man is baldheaded maybe it is sarcasm of some sort. I think the woman's intention is to mock the policeman. Mateo is not mentioned anywhere else in the show.