Swedish: gripa fatt i


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Not sure if "gripa fatt i" is a phrase or not. I saw it in the sentence
Då skulle de gripa fatt i utredningen på allvar.
which is translated to:
Then they would start on the investigation in earnest.
What does "gripa fatt" mean?
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    Gripa means 'seize, grab'.
    Fatt originally means '(a) hold, grip', but is now used mostly in special phrases.
    Gripa fatt (i något) literally means 'grab a hold (of something)'.
    In your example, it is metaphorical and means 'really work/focus/concentrate'.


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    I wouldn't say it is regional. I would rather say "ta tag i" as MattiasNYC suggests. with "fatt" I would have used "få fatt i" ie to catch somthing.
    "Gripa fatt i" would - to me - be an older expression.