Swedish: facket


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A group of policemen is drinking in the bar. A young policewoman, a new member of their team, buys her drink at the bar. Her colleague asks:
Har du gått med i facket än?
Nej. Vad då?
Bra. Du betalar.
Vad då? Så jag måste gå med i facket nu, eller? Så jag slipper ta deras jävla nota.

Is it ”trade union”?
  • Parlons Suédois

    Yes. (Though I fail to see what that's got to do with picking up bar tabs, so possibly there is something more going on here, but that is hard to say without knowing more about the situation.)


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    I'd that being a union member is either bringing some cost through fees which would make union members annoyed and want non-union members to pay the bar tabs as compensation (for not paying those fees - remember that often a union brings benefits to all workers at a workplace, not only those paying union fees)..

    ...or possibly it refers to union members being a more tight-knit group and this is sort of a semi-joke with her being the new outsider, "forced" to pay to eventually become a member/friend and accepted in the group.