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This might well have been asked before but why do some Swedes always finish some sentences on a rising high note, especially amongst ladies that almost go off the end of the high scale ? It certainly livens up Malou Efter Tio no question....:)
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    This is only an average example but the red haired lady gives some idea if you watch it through so enter into Google search - Hon blev dumpad vid altaret, blev Mrs Murphy.

    Incidentally even though I miss some words I can more or less follow what's being discussed so Malou is excellent long term practice regardless of what the topic is.


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    So, I actually don't perceive it the way you do. To me most of what she says either actually ends on a "down" note, or it is cut off at a comma or colon so to speak. By "cut off" I mean that she has a train of thought that continues after she either stops speaking or is interrupted by Malou (or, rather, Malou interjects - seeing that she's pretty gentle and polite). So in other words it doesn't feel like her intonation at the end of sentences is by default going up as much as it is about her perhaps being long-winded when speaking, likely because she's on television, and therefore her sentences won't get a sort of textbook ending to them. If they did I have a feeling she'd end the sentences more close to what I think you'd expect.

    At most it feels like some sentences end on purpose on a fairly even note. But generally speaking it doesn't sound like properly ended sentences ending down.