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In Episode 1 of NRK's web (also TV?) series "Blank", at 2:49, someone says "Ta det hvor han er litt sånn action." People are watching a video on their cellphones. I am not understanding what "sånn" means here. My dictionary gives the meaning of "sånn" as "slik", meaning "such, like". But I am not understanding how "such" would fit in the sentence.

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    "Sånn" is just a filler word in this sentence, and it doesn't really add any meaning. It's like "sort of" or "you know" in English.
    Yes it is a filler. In this case, does it not (redundantly) signal in a colloquial way that an English word is about to be used?


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    I would not say that, at least not necessarily. People also use "sånn" as a filler before Norwegian words. Besides, the word "action" is not necessarily seen as English - it has become a loanword. (You'll find it in Bokmålsordboka).

    In this case, I think "sånn" may signal some hesitation (the speaker is uncertain about which word he/she shall use). Or maybe a reservation, especially since it goes together with "litt". It is not really action, just "sort of action".