Norwegian: så vondt


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I came across this sentence in a text today (where a patient is visiting a doctor and telling about his complaint): "I dag har jeg så vondt i halsen og ørene."

I do not understand why it is not "så mye" or something like that. How can just "så" qualify "vondt"? Maybe the problem that I don't understand the sentence so well is that I also have difficult in understanding "vondt": my dictionary tells me that it is an adjective (vond, vondt) or an adverb, though in these constructions of "å ha vdont" it appears like a noun to me.

Thanks for any suggestions over how to interpret this!
  • Svenke

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    Vondt is an adjective here. There are some expressions where you have ha (or ) + neuter adjective.

    Jeg har vondt = I'm in pain
    Jeg fikk vondt i nakken = My neck started hurting
    Du har ikke vondt av å trene = It won't hurt you to exercise
    Du har godt av å trene = It will be good for you to exercise
    Jeg har vanskelig for å gå = I have trouble walking
    Jeg har tungt for å svelge = I have trouble swallowing
    Nordmen har lett for å la seg lure = Norwegians are easily fooled

    and probably some more!

    With adjectives, we use : så stor 'so big'.
    With mass nouns, we use så mye: så mye suppe 'so much soup'.