Norwegian: rise (in price)


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How would you say "rise" (in price) in Norwegian? It is a noun. It is an antonym to "discount".

example: The price is $6 now, there is a rise from $5 in last week.

suggestions: stige, begynnelse, bakke, begynnelse, bestigning, lønnspålegg, motbakke, oppgang, oppstigning, skråning, stigning, økning

Thank you.
  • Pteppic

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    When the context of prices has already been established, though, as in the given example, "økning" is sufficient (to me at least).


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    Prisvekst is also good (Huffameg, so good!). However I sense a little difference between the two.
    I think prisøkning, denotes any increase from one value to a higher.
    Prisvekst is more like a long term growth. Prisvekst, i think, is also the most correct term for the phenomenon of price growth (unquantified).