Norwegian: preposition combinations


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Hei alle sammen!

I am unable to get my head around some of the preposition combinations in Norwegian: or that's what they seem to be so at least. I do know that prepositions in any language are often tough to get at ease with, but it's giving me more trouble than usual with Norwegian. Here is a pair of examples:

"å melde seg på et kurs" but "å melde seg på til et løp"

I am unable to understand what changed between a course and a race so much that "på" changed to "på til". Is there something that I am missing, or is it just the way it is, and I will learn usage with just more and more practice/experience?

Thanks a lot in advance for any suggestions or tips on how to understand this and similar cases!
  • raumar

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    No, there is no difference between courses and races. "Til" is optional in both sentences.

    I think you read the sentences the wrong way. "På til" is not a combination, these words just happen to follow each other. You should read the sentences this way: "[å melde seg på] [til et kurs/løp]". "Melde på" is a phrasal verb, meaning "sign up", "register".