Norwegian: Hvite Krists díd

  • Elieri

    The lyrics are a bit.. well, let's just say Christians be warned..

    The death of the White Christ

    Forever shall we remember the brave ones who lived beneath the hammer of our hordes.
    Eternal is the war against those of the light, until they meet the face of death, the cold of death.
    Winds of cold shall come, to freeze the christian man's blood.
    Our crusade has begun and every step is a pole through the White Christ's heart.

    We burn the children of Christ on the pyre.
    We burn the house of God.
    The darkness of time shall cover the sun.
    The pearly gates shall be crushed.

    And every thorn in his head, every nail in his body gives life to new souls, born beneath the powerful throne of death.

    We take our killing spree to the land of death with the endless wastelands.
    When the crusaders dangle and the spirit of the White Christ is dead,
    when the moon shines pale and lonely, the sounds of a death march shall rise to the powerful mountains of the north.

    Gone were those of the soil of God, behind a dark sky, the moon so raw and cold.
    Sung is the last note of a funeral song.

    Nice lyrics, huh? I might have made some errors, being swedish and not really norwegian, but all in all I think I got it right.