Norwegian: han erkjenner han


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Hei alle sammen!

I was reading about the resignation of the CEO of a big sports chain in Norway. In the press article (here), there's a sentence like this: "Bjerknes henviser for øvrig til en Facebook-post der han erkjenner han at avgangen er overraskende, men sier det absolutt ikke er noe drama knyttet til dette." It refers to the CEO [Bjerknes] referring to a Facebook post (of his, I assume) where he admits about a surprising resignation. I do not understand why there is a double "han" in the part "han erkjenner han at". Should it not have been just "han erkjenner at ..." (he acknowledges that ...). Or, if it's taken in the spirit of admission, then "han erkjenner seg at ..."?

Thanks a lot in advance!
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    Good catch, littlepond, this is indeed a mistake. It should indeed be "en Facebook-post der han erkjenner at ...".

    You can't say "erkjenner seg". An alternative expression which has a stronger element of admission would be "han innrømmer at".