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How would you say "fare inspector" in Norwegian?

It is a noun meaning a person who checks tickets of passagers in public transport (busses, subway, trams, ...). They aren't there everytime, they can appear and if they appear then they check tickets.

I do NOT mean conductor. Conductor is a person who is everytime in a train that goes large distances.

If you don't have the ticket and a ticket controller catch you, you have to pay 700 Czech Crouns.

(I am not looking for translation of this example, I am looking for translation of the term itself)

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Thank you.
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    Isn't konduktør/billetør the same as conductor? :confused:
    I think kontrollør is the word Janco is looking for. If it is not obvious that the situation concerns tickets, one may use billettkontrollør. :tick:


    My experience is this:

    Inspectors who are stationed on a station/stop and either inspect people on the station or board the buses/trains etc. and inspect the passengers' tickets there are referred to as "kontrollører" (pl.).

    Inspectors who walk back and forth trains etc. and inspect fares or sell fares there are referred to as "konduktører" (pl.)


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    I would say konduktør/billettkonduktør. This goes for bus, tram, train etc...

    "Billettkonduktør" is not a word. "Konduktør" however does not mean the same thing as in English. A "konduktør" is a person controlling tickets on a train/bus/tram etc. One can use "billettkontrollør" to refer to anyone checking tickets, both on the train and in the train station.

    I we want to say conductor in Norwegian we use "fører/førar" (or "dirigent" if it is someone conducting an orchestra).