Norwegian: føler på seg


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Hei alle sammen!

In a sentence I came across in a book for children ("Alice Andersen"), there's the phrase "... hun bare føler på seg at det blir trøbbel".

I know that "føler seg" means to feel, to feel like, but there's "føler på seg" here, though it seems the same to me as "føler seg". I didn't find "føler på seg" in the hardback dictionary I use. Are føler på seg" and "føler seg" two different variants with the same meaning, or is it that there's a shade of meaning I am missing?

Takk på forhand!
  • Bokfinken

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    Hei Littlepond,

    Å "føle på seg" means to suspect, have a hunch, get vibes.

    In your example, I guess you could say " ... she just knows there's going to be trouble".

    Hope this helps!