Norwegian: ekte klining


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Hi! It's me again with my translation of the Norwegian series Unge lovende into French.
Alex is a young actress who has just come back to Norway after failing at starting a career in the USA. She's just settled in an appartment where two younger girls live. She's relatively famous in Norway and the girls are really excited to have her. The following is the beginning of a scene with the three of them.
My English translation says: "If it’s really making out?" but I don't get it. I'd be grateful if you could help me with this one. Thanks! :)

ALEX: Om det er ekte klining?
EMILIE: Ja, eller er det sånn...
AMANDA: (laughs)
ALEX: Ja det er, ehm...
EMILIE: Jeg bare lurte
AMANDA: (laughs)
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    ”Klining” (making out) is “se peloter” or “se rouler des pelles” in French. :)

    I’m guessing the girls want to know if actors are kissing “for real”.