Norwegian: Children's words/slang for family members


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Out of curiosity, are there any words young children (under 10) might say to their family members other than the official word for that family member? (A 'child word' might be ma/mama or da/dada for mom and dad).

The various words for mom and dad are quite easy to figure out, but is there a Norwegian 'child' word for "Onkel" or "Tant"?

Just a curiosity. Thank you!
  • raumar

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    is there a Norwegian 'child' word for "Onkel" or "Tante"?

    No, young children also say "onkel" and "tante".

    There are child words for grandparents (for bestemor/bestefar/farfar/farmor/morfar/mormor). My impression is that there are many such names for grandparents, and much variation, both individual and regional. For example besse, beste, bessa, mommo, faffa, and so on. Some dialects (Hallingdal, for example) use gommo and goffa ('godmor' and 'godfar'), but these words can also be used by older children and adults, as far as I know.

    Ben Jamin

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    I would say not.

    I took the subject line to mean children's words and slang as two different things, but that is inconsistent with the body of the post.
    Well, you used a slash, which could suggest that the two categories are interchangeable. However, slang is a very elastic term in English.