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How would you say "apartment block" in Norwegian? It is a noun.

It is a building with many flats inside.

Here is a photo.

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Thank you.
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    Boligblokk (BM) / Bustadblokk (NN). Or just blokk.
    Another possibility for "apartment block" is leiegård, but I'm not sure how commonly used it is in Norway now. In any event, the English translation given by for leiegård is: block of flats, (apartment building US).
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    I'm going to take this opportunity to explain the difference between "blokker" and "leiegårder" - hope you don't mind!



    This could be called both:

    "Blokk" is usually a detached building from after 1950, "leiegård" is often older and built along city streets in a continuous "block", usually with an enclosed backyard ("bakgård") in the middle.

    The reason the last example doesn't fit neatly in either category is probably that it's build more like a "blokk", but it's from 1939, so too old to look like one.


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    I would usually say blokk for "apartment block". If I need to emphasize that it has flats and not offices I would use boligblokk.

    Personally I use the word bygård rather than leiegård about that type of building.