Matija - Serbian, Croatian, both?


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When I research the name Matija it has biblical origins. However, it seems to me that this is more of a Croatian name than Serbian? Am I wrong? In Serbia is this name not as common as in Croatia? Any insight into this would be appreciated as well as insight into the spelling differences Matija vs Mateja.
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    Well, I can't tell you if it is more croatian or serbian name. Perhaps, it's not a very frequent name in Serbia, but I know persons with that name. Maybe Mateja is more common in Serbia and Matija in Croatia. Let's wait for someone from Croatia to see if it's really like that.


    According to this site there is 17 619 people with name Matija and 4 882 people with name Mateja in Croatia.

    According to this site Matija is the 27. most popular male name and Mateja is the 20. most popular male name in Serbia.
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    There's a difference in gender so raw numbers for the popularity of the name Mateja are not directly comparable.

    Mateja is an exclusively feminine name in Croatia whereas I believe it is a masculine name in Serbia (Matej is the Croatian masculine counterpart of the feminine Mateja).