Last month I fished some trout


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Dear friends, I appreciate it if you can correct this statement:
Last month, I fished some trout for my family.

I was looking at it in the Longman Dictionary and I didn't find the past of "fish" but I found in Google the past, and it'd be "fished" ...But it sounds a little bit awkward to me. Is that correct? Or definitely, it'd be "I was fishing"?
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    Creo, Gisellee, que deberías explicar mejor a los angloparlantes nativos de por aquí qué es lo que quieres expresar. Incluso en español. El verbo fish (que, efectivamente, es regular) me parece más indicar 'faenar' o 'tratar de capturar peces' que únicamente 'capturar peces'. Ahí puede estar el quid.
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    Yes the verb "fish" is intransitive and cannot take a direct object. As others have said, "caught" is the word you're looking for.

    It can be transitive but not as used above. You may occasionally hear things like "I fished some spots on the river that I knew had trout in them."