I ❤ (el) español


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Hola. We are making a t-shirt for a fundraiser that will say I ❤ Spanish. Would the definite article be used if Spanish is a direct object in this sentence? I was thinking I ❤ Español or I ❤ español. Should it be I ❤ el español? I've read conflicting rules on many of the grammar sites and I couldn't find an answer on RAE dudas. Mil gracias.
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    I believe

    I ❤ Español

    works, with italics (so it follows EN rules about capital letters, since the italics mark a foreign word). Otherwise, yes, Yo ❤ el español.


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    Yo emplearía el artículo porque, respetando la gramática de la lengua objetivo, si la situación fuese al revés, no diría Yo ❤ the English, porque Uds. no lo emplean.


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    Oh, if you can add a tiny l above the s, I think that works well too. :p