gifts for $5


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I am just beginning, so bear with me.

I would like to translate the phrase

"gifts for $5" to spanish

I have looked up the word gifts and have 'regalo' and have found different choices for the word 'for'

Regalos para $5


Regalos de $5 / Regalos des $5

Also if the phrase changed to 'gifts from $5' do I just substitute the word 'from' with the spanish word 'de'.

  • LingoGirl

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    Dbk said:
    Regalos desde $5. Gifts from $5

    Creo que asi seria. I think it's like this (seria?)

    Y como se diria, "Regalos desde tan solo $5", o decir asi en ingles, no se
    And like you say, "Gifts from only $5", or this is how you would usually say in it in English?


    Did I understand you ok?


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    I think (please correct me if I am wrong) that
    gifts for $5.00 = regalos por $5.00 or regalos $5.00
    gifts from $5.00 = regalos desde $5.00 or regalos a partir de $5.00