Does this word exist?


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Hello I am trying to find if there is a Direct translation for the American word 'Packrat' or 'Pack rat' that is not just a translation for the word for hoarder. Thank you.
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    I don't understand your question. Packrat means hoarder. Therefore, translations for it will be the same as translations for hoarder. There is no reason why they should be different. And there is no literal translation either.

    Packrat is also another word for woodrat. I've found that its official name is Neotoma, Νεότομα in Greek, but you will find that neither the animal nor its name is known to Greeks.


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    The pack rat is an american animal. In Europe, there is the hamster. In German, there is "hamstern" as a verb to express excessive collecting of things (and "Hamsterer" for the person who does it). But I don't know if there is an equivalent in Greek.


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    You could conceivably say σκίουρος. Even those who have never seen squirrels in the wild are likely to be familiar with their alleged hoarding habits from Chip 'n' Dale cartoons.