Annunciation of THE Virgin Mary vs Annunciation of Virgin Mary


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Having a discussion about the need of the article "the" before "Virgin Mary" as in the title of this thread or not...
Any suggestions as to which is correct and which isn't?
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    Both correct in greek, me thinks. The article gives a rythm in the sentence, when spoken or imagined.


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    In English we use the definite article: it's "the Virgin Mary" or "the Blessed Virgin Mary" (η Παναγία).

    The Annunciation to the Virgin Mary


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    In Greek, if your question is about Greek, we would normally use the article. We could also say "Annunciation of Mary the Virgin". In ancient Greek, including the language the New Testament was written in, the article was usually omitted before proper nouns, unless the person had already been named and the speaker wanted to say "that Mary/Joseph/whoever we already spoke about". In modern Greek the article is required with proper nouns, but can be omitted in telegraphic style.