All Slavic languages:I am here.

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Slovene, Serbo-Croat
How would you say the sentence I am here in your Slavic language, with prodrop included and would placement of verb to the front or to the back work? For example:

I am here.
Ja sam tu
with pro drop:
Tu sam:tick:
Sam tu:cross:

In Slovene:
I am here.
Jaz sem tu
with pro drop.
Tu sem.:tick:
Sem tu.:tick:
  • Karton Realista

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    Polish - Poland
    In Polish you wouldn't use a pronoun at all.
    Ja jestem tu. - incorrect in most cases.
    Those work:
    Jestem tu (tutaj).
    Tu (tutaj) jestem.


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    Јас сум тука - explicit, emphatic
    Тука сум - normal, neutral
    Сум тука - awkward and possibly altogether incorrect; I can't think of any context where it would work, unless, of course, there is another word before the copula, e.g. "секогаш" (always) or "не" (not), which would make everything all right