All Slavic languages: African and its diminutive


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Hello, how do you say African and its diminutive (actually "little African") in your languages? If the diminutive form is possible at all? Thanks.

Czech: Afričan - Afričánek
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    Russian: африканец - no diminutive, since this suffix is at least partially borrowed and doesn't form diminutives, in the standard language any way.
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    Bulgarian: африканец (afrikanets) - африканче (afrikanche)

    Generally, any word has a diminutive. There are even compound diminutives e.g. африканченце (afrikanchentse)


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    polszczyzna warszawska
    In Polish:
    Afrykanin, Afrykańczyk -- African

    Perhaps, "Afrykaninek" could formally be a diminutive of "Afrykanin", but I can't remember if I've ever come across it. You could also play with other diminutive suffixes to form diminutives of both "Afrykanin" and "Afrykańczyk", but I'm not sure there's one well-established.


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    Afričan, for the diminutive Afričanko sounds the best to me.

    I'd like to add that I've never heard anyone use the word "Afričanko" and I think it does not really exist. We don't use diminutives of nationalities, maybe with the exception of literature, where almost anything is possible:)


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    ...We don't use diminutives of nationalities ...
    This is valid for other languages too, I believe. However, there are familiy names that derive from such diminutives, e.g. Slováček, Poliaček, Rusko, ... I've tried to create a diminutive from the theorical possibilities ("Afričanček", "Afričaník" ...) and as result, Afričanko sounds the most acceptable to me (I've found it also in Google).


    Russian Masc. diminutive африканчик is really rarely used, but Fem. one - африканочка - is used rather wide.


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    Bulgarian: африканец (afrikanets) - африканче (afrikanche)

    Same in Macedonian.

    African = африкански (afrikanski) [af 'rikanski]
    African (male) = Африканец (Afrikanec) [af 'rikanɛt͡s]
    African (female) = Африканка (Afrikanka) [af 'rikaŋka]
    African (diminutive, male and female) = Африканче (Afrikanče) [af 'rikant͡ʃɛ]


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    Perhaps, "Afrykaninek" could formally be a diminutive of "Afrykanin", but I can't remember if I've ever come across it.,julian-tuwim-bambo-wersja-poprawna-bo-poprawiona ;-)

    Hint: this is a politically correct version of an old poem for children, about a Negro child (Murzynek Bambo) with the word announced by some 'offensive' (despite the feelings of the majority, which has always considered it neutral), being replaced with a created word for a "little African" - albeit technically the latter refers to all people from Africa, not necessarily subsaharan.