All Slavic: (IT) "Montanaro" - mountain-dweller (derogatory)


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Hi everyone.

Italian has the word "montanaro" for "mountain-dweller" in a (1) normal and (2) pejorative sense.
The closest English word we have is "hillbilly" but it's not the same because hills are not mountains and because it's used to refer to rural people, not necessarily people from the mountains.

What is the closest pejorative word for "mountain-dweller" or "highlander"?
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    One of Russian equivalents of "do you live under a rock?" is "ты что, с гор спустился?" (Did you come down from the mountains?).

    Other than that, I can't think of any pejorative nouns related to mountain dwellers. There is горец (~mountaner), but it is neutral.


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    We can say 'rovtar' which means an inhabitant of rovte. Rovte has a pejorative sense, meaning a place far away from civilization, probably somewhere in the mountains.

    Perhaps confusingly, there is a place called Rovte in Slovenia, its inhabitants are of course called Rovtarji and there is a whole group of Slovenian dialects called 'rovtarska narečja' - in geographical rather than pejorative sense. :)


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    I think that in Poland mountain-dwellers generally have positive connotations - there is a lot of jokes about them but they are not ofensive.