All Slavic: Frankfurt sausages


How do you call Frankfurt sausages in your language? In Polish it's not a direct translation so it's possible that in some other Slavic languages it's also not a direct translation.

Czech: frankfurtské párky (Frankfurt sausages) (singular frankfurtský párek)
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    In Bulgarian it's кренвирш (krenvirsh). Apparently it comes from Krenwürstchen which in turn is made up of the Slovak word krěn meaning horseradish and the German Wurst. That's the explanation I found online.

    And horseradish in Bulgarian is хрян (hryan), and I (not any one else) could make the connection between that and the sausage. Following that logic, the word for sausage should really by хренвирш (hrenvirsh) :D

    Many people spell and pronounce is as kreMvirsh, because the N becomes nasalized and it creates confusion.


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    In Slovak it is chren, ch is pronounced like Cyrillic х. In Czech it is pronounced and spelled with k: křen (in German and Italian: der Kren, il cren).
    That makes more sense as Czech is closer geographically to German.
    Perhaps Frankfurt sausages are not so well-known worldwide, given the limited number of articles on the know-it-all Wikipedia. : D

    I think they're better known as Vienna sausages.