All Slavic: aviator hat, bomber hat


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An aviator hat is a leather cap with ear flaps and fleece or fur lining. It is often wore with goggles in open-cockpit airplanes. The Polish wikipedia uses "Hauba lotnicza" or "pilotka" although pilotka means another type of military cap in Russian.

How is this type of cap called in your language?
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    Czech (Prague)
    Czech: letecká kukla

    kukla = pupa, chrysalis, куколка (кукла is loutka, marioneta, panenka);

    Pilotka is a female pilot. However pilotka can be any pilot cap, often it is a fashion cap that resembles letecká kukla (e. g. zimní čepice pilotka). Pilotka also can be a pilot jacket (e.g. pánská bunda pilotka).
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