1. M

    Norwegian - short u

    How is the sound for a short u in Norwegian, like in rusle. I know the long u is a closed, central vowel. Could it be a near-closed near-front rounded vowel... in other words, the Swedish u?! Or is it just the long u shortened.
  2. E

    Norwegian: ambidextrous - right/lefthanded

    Hei alle sammen ! Jeg bare lurte paa hvordan man kaller en som er like god med baade hoyre og venstre arm/haand. Og hvordan man kaller en som ikke er kjeivent - (righthanded) Takk paa forhaand :)
  3. M

    Norwegian - eg,ei,er

    Can someone give me the phonetic name for the first vowel in the diphthong eg/ei? I think of it as being like e (close-mid front) but almost æ (near open front)... so perhaps as a mid front or open-mid front vowel. I don't think I've heard it as an e (close-mid front), like in the English day...
  4. M

    Norwegian - ur, ør

    Do ur, ør sound the same in Norwegian when r is retroflex? For example, "hørt,urt". I think the vowels are short for those words, but I also ask for when the vowels are long. Also, is the "irt" in the English word dirt homophonic with urt? Another example would be early and hurlig. Are...
  5. M

    Norwegian - tone

    How does tone work for compound words? It is always "tone 2" (the one for jente). How is it different compared to if the words were separate?
  6. M

    Norwegian - eld/ild

    Are both the words for fire, eld/ild, Bokmål words? Is the d silent? What about in elde (the noun and the verb)? What is a resource where I can check out the Standard East Norwegian pronunciation of all Norwegian words? Thank you.
  7. V

    Norwegian: søskenbarn

    Tenk!!! Jeg har endelig fått kontakt med mine søskenbarn i USA takket være facebook! Har verken sett eller pratet med dem på 35 år Can anyone tell me what language this is? The person lives in Norway, but is of Hungarian decent. And what does it mean? I'm thinking she's happy to find relatives...
  8. Leopold

    Norwegian: stikksprøyte, lakeblanding

    Hei. Jeg håper noen kan hjelpe meg med denne setninga. Jeg er ikke sikkert hvordan må jeg oversette. "Kylling stikksprøytes ca 20% med lakeblanding" Betyr det at jeg må sette lakeblanding inn i kyllinga? Og hva er presist "lakeblanding"? Er det en konkret blanding, eller er det bare vann med...
  9. M

    Norwegian: book

    Does someone know a book that explain Norwegian phonetics?
  10. M

    Norwegian - um

    Does u usually become like o before m, like in dum (does this have a short o sound)? What about before a consonant cluster starting with m, like in rumpe?
  11. M

    Norwegian: velarized "r"

    When r comes before k or g (i.e. velar consonants), does it become like the French (velar) r? What about before o,ae,å and k,g (i.e. a back vowel followed by a velar consonant)?
  12. oskhen

    Norwegian: hvis fordel

    Hei, Man kan bruke "hvis" istedenfor "hvem sin"/"hvem sitt" på norsk også, ikke sant? Som i dansk? Og i så fall: kan man skrive både "å spørre til hvis fordel det tjener" og "å spørre hvis fordel det tjener"? Dvs: kan man fjerne "til"? Jeg jobber med en dansk tekst som jeg skal parafrasere på...
  13. S

    Norwegian: markvandring

    Hi, Any idea how to say "markvandring" (talking about agriculture) in English? Thanks! <Moderator note: This thread has been split because it contained more than topic. Please open a new thread for each topic. Also, please always provide context for any words you want translated or explained>
  14. S

    Norwegian: arealenhet

    Hi, Any idea how to say arealenhet (talking about agriculture) in English? Thanks! <Moderator note: This thread has been split because it contained more than topic. Please open a new thread for each topic. Also, please always provide context for any words you want translated or explained>
  15. M

    Norwegian: gn

    Is it correct to pronounce gn (as in regne) like ng+n or like g+n? Does it depend on dialect?
  16. M

    Norwegian: adjective, indefinite neuter

    When you use an adjective in the indefinite neuter form, i.e. when you add a t, does a long vowel stay long? For instance, is godt pronounced like the German gut?
  17. M

    Norwegian: glottal stop to separate vowels

    Does Norwegian use the glottal stop (') to separate vowels, like German/Dutch is famous for (e.g. beantworten, er ist, etc.)? If it's a repeated vowel, do you just lengthen the vowel instead of using a '? English is kind of flexible, but I think we prefer not to do the glottal stop for these...
  18. M

    Norwegian: om/hvis

    How does it feel to use om or hvis, meaning if... e.g. "Om/Hvis du vil, kan jeg hjelpe deg". I mean, are they completely interchangeable? I know om can also mean whether/if, so does using om suggest at alternatives while hvis suggests that it is a yes/no situation? For instance: Om/Hvis du...
  19. O

    Norwegian: å stroppe hiv

    Kan noen hjelpe med med utrykket "å stroppe hiv", som i "Stillasmontøren skal ha gjennomført praktisk opplæring og kunne rigge og stroppe hiv". I ordboka funnet jeg bare at "hiv" kan bety "det å hive, løfte med vinsj, kran e. l." eller "lastemengde som kan tas i ett hiv". Men hva betyr "å...
  20. M

    Norwegian: glottalized and flapped "t"s

    I'm having trouble confirming if it's correct/common/dialectical in Norwegian to replace hard consonants with a glottal stop or a retroflex flap, as is done informally (or dialectically) in English... especially for t. e.g. pit-> pi' (where ' is a glottal stop) got-> go' gotten -> go'n...
  21. M

    Norwegian: rsj

    Do you normally pronounce the (trilled) r in r+sj in the Oslo dialect? I know it is retroflex for r+s, and I'm wondering if a distinction is made between the two consonant clusters. There is the expression: for sjelden, but I imagine the r is retroflex or omitted because it is a common...
  22. M

    Norwegian: om (at)

    I'm having trouble distinguishing om at and at. Are they equivalent?
  23. M

    Norwegian: nok

    Can someone enlighten me on the usage of nok? (There are there modifying adverbs too, like da, jo, vel, nå, sikkert.) It seems to be an indication of being cautious in saying something.... thank you
  24. M

    Norwegian - retroflex flap

    Is it part of the Oslo dialect to replace l with what I'd call in English the "flapped d" (i.e. retroflex flap), like in the English word "ladder" and also the "easier" pronunciation of "water" as "wadder". I read that this is used for the letter l, like in blå... and for some words is...
  25. O

    Norwegian: avkast til det fri

    Er det noen her som vet hva "en støvsuger med avkast til det fri" er? Er det det samme som en støvsuger med utblåsningsfilter eller noe helt annet? :S
  26. Grefsen

    Norwegian: I hope the problems are temporary

    And here is the final installment of my letter to the Norwegian LEXIN project: I also noticed that when the link for the Nynorsk - English dictionary is used, the Nynorsk - Tigrinya dictionary is accessed instead. I hope that the problems with this Nynorsk link and the Bokmål - English ordbok...
  27. Grefsen

    Norwegian: the link stopped working

    Here is the second part of my letter to the Norwegian LEXIN project member(s): During the past week the following link to the "Bokmål-English" dictionary that I had been using for over 8 months stopped working for me...
  28. M

    Norwegian: hvis/så

    If we want to use the "if/then" construction, do we need to use "hvis" and "så", or can we just use "hvis". Can it ever be "hvis" and "da"? How do these differ? (I have been reading on da/så, and also da/når.... a bit confusing.)
  29. Grefsen

    Norwegian: dictionary of first choice

    For the past week my favorite ordbok på nett has not been available. :( The LEXIN site has been down before, however this time the rest of the site seems to be working fine, but for some reason the Bokmål-English ordbok is not available. :confused: I would like to send letter(s) på norsk to...
  30. Grefsen

    Norwegian: Information about the celebration

    I recently learned that there will be a special anniversary celebration next month for my favorite norsk fotball (soccer) club sometime during my second full day in Norway. :cool: I had originally made other plans, but I am prepared to change them depending on what time the anniversary...
  31. M

    Norwegian - u,ur

    Are "sul" and "surl" homophones? I mean in the Oslo dialect. I'm really asking two questions: If "u" and "ur" always sound the same (assuming a retroflex "r"), and if consonants are always made "retroflex" after "u" as they would be if "u" were replaced by "r".
  32. Grefsen

    Norwegian: Best e-mail address to use for you

    I just got back into contact with a Norwegian friend of mine when she found me on Facebook and invited me to be her friend. :cool: I received a nice message from her this morning and am attempting to write a reply på norsk. :) I noticed that her Facebook page had a different e-mail address...
  33. O

    Norwegian: oppslått

    Hva betyr ordet 'oppslått' i setningen 'Det skal finnes oppslått et kart som viser plasseringen av utstyr og fasiliteter.'?
  34. M

    Norwegian - sl, hy/ky

    Is "sl" said as if it were "sjl"... e.g. "rusler,slumse". Does "sjl" occur in Norwegian? Is "hy" pronounced like "ky"? There are the words "hys" and "kys". Do these sound similar to you? I learned to make the "kj" sound by thinking of the English "h" in "humour", but now it seems that that...
  35. Grefsen

    Norwegian: Please save a little sunshine for me

    I just received a message from a good friend of mine in Oslo telling me about the sunny weather she is enjoying today. :cool: I would like to send a short message back to her with something along the lines of the following: I will be arriving in Oslo one month from today so please save a...
  36. M

    Norwegian: To see someone "for what" he is

    Is there an expression for the idiom "To see someone for what he is"? This is similar to "To see someone as he really is", except it's more about recognizing something/some truth about the person that others don't see (and that even you didn't see at first).... it could be something bad. What...
  37. M

    Norwegian: et land, lande

    "Flyet har landet på landet Norge" Which "d"'s in the "landet"'s do I pronounce? I think that only the first "t" is pronounced. (Is this a proper sentence?) I hear "landet" (the land) with the d pronounced, but I don't know what landed sounds like.
  38. Grefsen

    Norwegian: House sit for a vacationing friend

    I received some really good news this weekend when I was invited to spend the first part of my upcoming trip to Norway in a beautiful apartment close to where I have stayed before in the Grefsen neighborhood of Oslo. :cool: In English I would say that I will "house sit" for my friend since I...
  39. M

    Norwegian - verb tense tone

    Would someone care to explain how tone works in Norwegian verbs? I understand it like this: infinitive is always Tone 2 present/past tense is Tone 1 for strong verbs and Tone 2 for weak verbs Is that right? Is there more to say? Does anyone know anywhere I can hear a recording that helps...
  40. M

    Norwegian - u(skj)

    When a word ends in "u", is it natural to make a small "skj" sound after? Or perhaps a small "kj" sound?
  41. M

    Norwegian: forat / for at

    <Moderator note: New topic - new thread, split from Norwegian: 'to see someone as he truly is'> Is the word forat used commonly? Is it like slik at?
  42. K

    Norwegian: Sees snart

    Hello everyone. I have another sentence/phrase I need translated from Norwegian to English please: "Sees snart, jeg savner deg veldig" Please help! Thank you.
  43. M

    Norwegian - "v"

    Okay, I'd just like to know more about how the "v" is pronounced in Norwegian. Is it always "softer" than the English "v"? Is it sometimes the same as in English? Can someone describe the "v" sound in terms of articulation, or compare it with English articulation? I think, maybe,in English...
  44. Grefsen

    Norwegian: Both have been on German TV

    Yesterday I watched some of the Germany - Norway kvinnefotball match on German television and was quite surprised to see two good friends of mine prominently featured just before and then immediately after the Norwegian National Anthem was played. :cool: During the finals of the 2003 Women's...
  45. K

    Norwegian: I am so happy to have met you...

    <Mod note: Text about other topic deleted/moved to separate thread, Norwegian: Det her er lettere> I just started dating someone from Norway and I would like to say something to him in his native tongue. Can you please translate this: I am so happy to have met you even though our time was cut...
  46. M

    Norwegian - just, only

    In Norwegian, do we only have the word "bare" to mean "only" and "just" (i.e. necessary and sufficient)? I don't understand how the two are distinguished. In English, sometimes it's ambiguious, so maybe it's the case in Norwegian. (I'm not sure I'm making any sense.) e.g. How do we translate...
  47. K

    Norwegian: Det her er lettere

    What does this mean: Det her er lettere
  48. M

    Norwegian: 7 & 20, pronunciation

    <<Post edited to include one topic only>> What should I say/write for the number 7: "sju" or "syv"; and 20: "tjue" or "tyve"...... and are they pronounced differently?
  49. M

    Norwegian: svart, sort

    Svart/sort: Are these two words for "black" equivalent? <<Post edited to include one topic only>>
  50. M

    Norwegian: -a (noun suffix)

    <Moderator note: New topic - new thread, split from Norwegian: 'to see someone as he truly is'> (BTW, do you know which neuter nouns take obligatory "a" ending in definite plural, e.g. "barn".)