1. J

    Danish: if there is love, why there must be silence?

    if there is love, why must there be silence? thanks! Joan Carles
  2. Whodunit

    Danish/Tatar/Greenlandic/Norwegian: Handwritten versions of special Latin characters & umlaut

    Hi, I'm interested in how special Latin letters are treated in handwriting. I'm only referring to four letters: Danish æ and Æ, ø and Ø Tatar ә and Ә Old Greenlandish ĸ I'd be so thankful if some native speakers, who write those letters daily, could attach a scanned file in which at least...
  3. V

    Danish: folding table, relax chair, terra cotta

    Hi all! Can somebody please tell me how do you say the following in Danish: FOLDING TABLE - ????? bord RELAX CHAIR - ????? stol TERRACOTTA - I've found SAMMENLAEGNING and FALSNING for folding, but I have no idea if these two words fit in the context of tables and chairs. Thanks...
  4. G

    Norwegian/Danish: Kyst

    Hello, I have an ancestor that was aboard a ship and the ship's master list contained the name of the passenger, place of origin if known, and also another column that listed any other information available about that person. Next to my ancestor's name was the word Kyst. I wondered if it was...