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Dear Foreros,

I was wondering when venting your frustration I.e. during a competition or for multiple other reasons what would be the correct way of saying "death upon you or x/y". Would the Persian "marg bar shomaa" be intelligible or has it ever been used in Urdu? If not, what can be used instead? Some would of course respond with murdabaad but that's a chant and not really something you would use as a knee-jerk response to visceral distaste or hurt experienced by something or someone.

So I will posit a few alternatives:

A) Marg tum par.
B) marg aa'e tum par.
C) jaa mar.
D) maut tum par
E) maut bar shomaa.
F) maut aa'e tum par.
G) maat paRe tum par
H) maat ho tum.
I) Maat aa'e tum par.
J) Jaa maat ho (religious intensifiers can be used in each exam)

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