Typical pizza Margherita with a drink at your choice

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I'd need to translate this menù entry in many languages, and in Chinese as well. It's for a restaurant in Naples, Italy:
"Typical pizza Margherita with a drink at your choice. Welcome to Neapolitans and tourists"

Thank you very much!
  • Welkin1990

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    2 lines respectively for the 2 sentences.

    欢迎那不勒斯本地人和游客光临 in simplified Chinese

    歡迎那不勒斯本地人和遊客光臨 in traditional Chinese

    FYI The transliteration normally for names and places here is
    Naples=那不勒斯 No need here to replace with the full "Neapolitans"


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    Is your restaurant aimed at Chinese tourists or Chinese living in Naples?
    Many Chinese living in Italy would have no idea what 玛格丽特 and 那不勒斯 are. While the official Chinese name of Naples is 那不勒斯, the Chinese in Italy call it 那波里。

    For them, it's better to write:

    招牌Pizza Margherita加自选饮料一杯
    欢迎 那波里本地人和游客光临
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