To dump someone

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American English & Kreyòl Ayisyen
How would you translate in your language "He/She dumped me." with a slang or very informal expression? Also, what are the associations of the verb used for "dump" in your language?

In English to dump someone means to end a relationship with them. With dump being associated with discarding something unwanted or throwing it away.
In Portuguese: Ele/a me largou. With largou here referring to dropping or letting go.
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    Brazílie, portugalština
    In Brazil also: Ele/ela me deu o pé na bunda, literally: he/she kicked me on the ass.


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    No slang expressions in Russian that I can remember. A normal colloquial verb for that meaning is бросить (brósit', lit. ~"to throw; to drop").

    It should be noted that the bookish variant of "to leave" in Russian is also etymologically related to throwing - покинуть (pokínut'); cf. кинуть (kínut') "to throw".
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    Ми даде корпа. (Mi dáde kórpa.) lit. "(He/she)-gave me (a) basket."

    The more formal expression is:
    Ми раскина. (Mi ráskina.) lit. "(He/she)-tore to me."

    кине (kine) v. = "tear", "break"
    раскине (raskine) v. = "tear apart", "tear up"


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    In Greek:

    the verb "παρατώ" [parató] translates "to dump" but it's rather colloquial not slang.

    I'd say that the verbs "στέλνω" [stélno] and "σουτάρω" [sutáro] are slang words for "to dump". The first one means "to send" and the latter derives from "σουτ" (a loan word from English "shoot") + the verbal suffix "άρω".

    He/She dumped me -->
    Με παράτησε.
    Με έστειλε.
    Με σούταρε.
    (He/She is not necessary in Greek, except for emphasis. In that case: Αυτός/Αυτή).


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    Catalan (Catalonia), Spanish (Spain)

    M'ha deixat /məðə'ʃat/ ['(he/she) me has left'] would be the common expression.

    I don't think there is a specific vulgar expression. But context will allow to use some general ones for this purpose. For example:

    M'ha engegat a la merda /məɲʒə'ɣatələmέɾðə/ ['(he/she) me has chucked to the shit']

    The expression can be used for anybody asking you to get out of a place in a bad way (your boss when firing you, your sister kicking you out from her room, etc). But when in context, it would be understood as dumping, and it's even close in literal meaning.
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