to be back at square one

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Hi all--how might one render the phrase 'to be back at square one' in MSA and the different dialects? The phrase means '[to be l]ocated back at the start, as after a dead end or failure'[1], illustrated in the example below[2].

Attempts to form a government in Sweden were back at square one on Monday after the Centre Party, citing policy differences, said it would vote against a second term in office for Social Democrat leader Stefan Lofven.

The country has been without a government since September, when an election delivered a hung parliament that has already rejected both Lofven and the leader of the four-party, center-right Alliance as prime minister.
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back to square one - Wiktionary


Sweden stuck in political limbo as Centre snubs Lofven for PM
  • jack_1313

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    In MSA I often see نقطة الصفر, e.g. عاد الأمر إلى نقطة الصفر or مما يعيد الأمر إلى نقطة الصفر.

    Wadi Hanifa

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    People do just say المربع الأول in MSA.

    One Arabian/bedouin vernacular expression would be:
    كنّك يا ابو زيد ما غزيت
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