the place churned out like a butter

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Hi everybody!

I need to translate this expression from English to italian: "baking fresh loaves of bread the place churned out like butter.".

It refers to someone working in a bakery, and I know that "to churn out" means to produce something in a large amount, but I didn't understand what it has to do with the place and the butter. Maybe the working place is messed up, just like when you mix the milk to make the butter?

I'm really confused, and I'd appreciate any help coming from you.

Thank you very much in advance.
  • Mary49

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    c'è un relativo sottinteso "...baking fresh loaves of bread that the place churned out like butter". Cioè, il locale produceva pagnotte in gran quantità e in continuazione. L'espressione "like butter" penso sia intraducibile:

    Definition of churn out |

    churn out

    Produce in an abundant and automatic manner, as in He churned out a novel every six months. This idiom transfers the turning of milk into butter to other kinds of production. [Early 1900s]


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    For what it's worth, "to churn [something] out" is a very common expression, but "to churn [something] out like butter" is not. The idiom may well be based in butter-churning, but I've never heard anyone put "like butter" on the end of it before. My guess is that the context of bread made the author think of butter, which is usually not on anyone's mind any more when they say that some product was being "churned out." :)


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    I had the exact same reaction as arti had, but see from Mary's post that some people do use the expression "churn' out" with "like butter" at the end. But in the end it just means to produce a lot of bread quickly.
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