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Bernard Jeufroy

For this definition, the WordReference tab gives an example in French: Cette mousse au chocolat est tentante avec mon café.
But there is not enough room left on this web page in the row of the table for the translation to be displayed.

Now in the same French to English dictionary for the word "attirer" the web page is OK, all the translations are correctly displayed:
Le miel attire les guêpes.
Honey attracts wasps.

Another French to English example is the word "lorgner". No English translation appears under the French example: Le chat lorgne l'oiseau sur la branche. It seems it's because the row doesn't match the required size.

Maybe this is a problem of liquid layout? My browser is Safari 13.0.1(14608. on a Mac OS Mojave 14.16.21

I didn't follow your advice my mother language is French, perhaps no need to confess it because you already guessed!

I do appreciate very much, thank you so much.
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