títulos públicos

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Yeah, I'm having problems with some of the vaguer parts of this translation.

Las deudas públicas progresan o retroceden según las opiniones de los “gendarmes privados de los títulos públicos”, según la fórmula de Krugman (2010a).

The article referenced doesn't have those exact words. The quote is not actually from the article referenced but rather the title of the section from which this sentence is taken. The article talks about the austerians and their effect (the title of the referenced article is Appeasing the Bond Gods). The best thing that comes to mind is "Keepers of the Public Trust" for that phrase but that's deviating greatly from the original without enough evidence to thoroughly support it...

The term also shows up later in the phrase "El Estado renuncia a su privilegio soberano de emitir moneda y de financiar sus gastos para portarse como una simple emisora de titulos sobre los mercados financieros internacionales.

Any help is appreciated.
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