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As a hobby I spend my time researching various historical fraternities and societies. I have found that, once you cut through the fiction, the actual histories of said societies and the impact that they may have had on our world is pretty facinating. I'm spent a lot of time studying the common societies (Freemasonry, Oddfellows etc) and have gotten into researching some smaller, more obscure organizations.

I'm looking into one in particular but I'm having one slight problem I'm hopeing someone could help me with.

The name of this society was the Society for Enlightened Fellows (also sometimes refered to as Illuminated Fellows) and basically it was a society for the intellectual elite that spent it's time researching other fraternities. I'm having trouble finding info on them and I suspect that, because of their academic nature, that there name might be more recognizable in Latin. I know they wrote a lot of their documentation in Latin.

Anyway, I've tried some on-line english-latin translators and can't come up with a decent concept of what "Society for/of Enlightened/Illuminated Fellows could be in Latin.

If anyone could toss a few ideas at me I would appreciate it. My classic languages skills are basially non-existant and even when I find words that could be translated into the english equivilent I'm not sure if they're correct grammatically.

I'm sorry to bother and I really appreciate your time!

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    Thanks for the info. That sounds good...I'll do some research into that translation. As for the term "illuminati" it generally refers to a mostly fictious organization usually named in conspiracy theory mumbo-jumbo. The latin translations of those terms do help me out a great deal. I'll see what I can find.

    Thanks again, I really do appreciate it.