sociedad conyugal voluntaria, sociedad conyugal legal

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Amparito la Colombiana

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On a marriage certificate from Mexico: "Este contrato de matrimonio está sujeto al régimen de:

sociedad conyugal voluntaria / / sociedad conyugal legal / / separación de bienes / /"

My try: "This contract of marriage is subject to:

voluntary community property / / legal community property / / separate property / /"

Not sure about the difference between the first two. Thank you for your assistance.

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  • Joe Esquire

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    For future reference:

    With the caveat that the details of matrimonial regimes are not exactly identical throughout Mexico, as they vary by State, in general terms, these would be the equivalent concepts in the US:

    (In the US, we have 9 community property States, mostly territory that was either Spanish, French or Mexican at one time, Wisconsin being the sole outlier. The rest are separate property States)

    Sociedad Conyugal Voluntaria: Modified community property (either pre or post-nuptially)
    Sociedad Conyugal Legal: Statutory community property
    Separacion de Bienes: Statutory separate property (which can also be modified).

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