Skt vila , Gr phiale

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john welch

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English-Australian creole
Could Skt vila be cognate with Gr phiale? Do a hole and a phial have the sense of pressure as in mixing in a krater?
Here are some possible links:
Skt vila , bila hole, hollow, opening .
Skt . root vil विल् to cover, to conceal.

  • bil बिल् to break, to split, to divide.
PIE root u̯el- to crowd, press, push.
bhlei- swell , burst.

phial "vessel used for holding liquids," from Greek phialē "flat vessel, dish, flat bowl for drinking or sacrificing," a loan-word of unknown origin.

(Greek krater "bowl for red wine mixed with water" from PIE root *kere- "to mix, confuse; cook" ).
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