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theres a song called : hug : by dbsk... and they repeat the word : shipho : so many times but i can't get a translation for it in english. someone please tell me what it means? thanks so much :)
  • instantREILLY

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    Ooh, DBSK. :) I haven't heard that song, but I think the word is probably 싶어 [ship'ô]. It's the present tense for the verb "to want".

    싶다 - to want
    싶어(요) - I want, you want, he/she/it wants, we want, you (pl.) want, they want
    싶었어(요) - I wanted, you wanted, he/she/it wanted, we wanted, you (pl.) wanted, they wanted
    싶겠어(요) - I will want, you will want, he/she/it will want, we will want, you (pl.) will want, they will want