se observa la salida del núcleo pulposo

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Hola a todos.

The original was written in all capital letters but I changed it for aesthetic purposes.

Lo que se visualiza en las estructuras de tejidos blandos se observa la salida del núcleo pulposo entre C5-C6 que se observa en mejor forma en el estudio de resonancia magnética.

That which is visualized en the soft tissue structures the exit (?) of the nucleus pulposus is observed between C5-C6 which is observed better in a magnetic resonance study.

Could salida be translated to herniated in this context?

Gracias de antemano.

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    Extrusion is good, and so are protrusion, obtrusion, bulging and herniation. Without seeing more of the MRI or report, it's hard to be accurate and specific.


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    Agree with LVRBC that protrusion bulging and herniation could all be possibilities along with extrusion. Also if I understand the Spanish correctly then an MRI has been performed. Would suggest changing a to the i.e which is better observed in THE magnetic resonance study or more commonly just MRI
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