Ricapitolo qui alcuni dei principali punti discussi

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I am having some doubts about the correctness of translation into English of this sentence:

"Ricapitolo qui alcuni dei principali punti discussi e che hanno bisogno di ulteriore approfondimento"

My try here below:

I here recap some of the key-points touched upon and which need further analysis.

Thank you.

Devi inserire solo la frase ORIGINALE nel titolo del thread, non la tua domanda
Come devo scegliere i titoli delle discussioni?
  • rrose17

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    I here recap :cross: At best you might say "I am recapping here..." but I wouldn't. Better, in my opinion is something along the lines of
    Here is a recap of some the key points discussed that need to be expanded upon.


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    Hi - I agree with the way rrose17 fixed your sentence. But without context, it's hard to know if this is the best translation. Is it for an informal business email? Then, fine.
    But is it for an academic or technical paper - then "here is" is not appropriate.
    one possibility:

    "Following is a summary of some of the key points...."
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