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  • mkellogg

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    Hi Hector! I will look into it. It will probably take a while, so don't expect any action soon. You might look for some browser add-ons that will allow you to override a site's colors for now.


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    Thanks to your question, I learned from Mike that there are extensions/add-ons that actually make this happen. So I tried the first one that topped the search list for Firefox:
    Dark Mode (WebExtension) 0.2.0 Compatible with Firefox 57+
    by Bernard
    A global dark theme for the web

    I'm not sure where he got his "57+" since Firefox is only on 55 right now, but I installed it and it worked fine on a couple of websites. Then I came back here to tell you – only to find that it disabled my ability to post in WordReference. :rolleyes:

    Once I uninstalled it, everything was fine. It was then that I noted a couple of comments on the app that said it didn't work on Firefox 55 ... with the hope that it would soon be fixed because people like it.

    Now that I've said all this, I imagine you're using a different browser. :)


    I'm not sure where he got his "57+" since Firefox is only on 55 right now
    From version 57 on all the add-ons for Firefox will have to be Webextensions (all the old add-ons won't work any more) - this extension is already up to date, unlike most extensions currently on the market (labelled as "legacy")
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