Pronunciation: Escandell

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How is the surname Escandell pronounced? Wiktionary transcribes the ell as /ˈɛʎ/ in all dialects, but isn't the -ell here a diminutive suffix, pronounced /ˈeʎ/ so that Escandell is pronounced /əs.kənˈdeʎ/ in Central Catalan? :confused:

According to Wiktionary, one possible etymology is aglutinació de es+Candell, which is transcribed as [kənˈdeʎ] on ICGC. According to Wiktionary and DCVB, another plausible etymology is from the diminutive (scamellu on Wiktionary, scamnĕllu on DCVB) of Latin scamnum.
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    I haven't seen that surname before, but in Occidental Catalan we pronounce always [e] before a palatal consonant, so it would be [eskanˈdeʎ]. I don't know how it's pronounced in Oriental Catalan.
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