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What does prendre de mean? I know prendre by itself means to take. I was looking up sumere in my Latin dictionary and came across the following: prendre à soi, prendre, se saisir de. I think the "de" in "se saisir de" also applies to "prendre". I mean, I think the author meant sumere can mean 1. prendre à soi, 2. prendre de, or 3. se saisir de.



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    Hmm. Sounds like a French question. I can't tell if the de goes with both verbs or not. Perhaps it is parallel to English, where we can say "grab" something or "grab hold of" something. Similarly some of us say "taste something / smell something," while others say "taste or smell of something."
    "Taste [of] this soup and tell me what it needs." for example.